GiantKelp deliver digital solutions for complex business challenges.

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Our Purpose

We don't just make websites and apps. We make change happen.

GiantKelp is the digital partner that enables you to achieve what you need to achieve.

A digital agency founded on knowledge sharing and partnership, not hourly rates and change requests.

Your assumptions will be challenged, your ideas tested, your path for future success defined.

Together, we'll transform the way your company transforms.

Deliver results.

Everything we do is about learning and iterating, fast.

Test ideas, prototype concepts, launch your MVP.

Build, scale and evolve.

To succeed you need to show results early and often - and we bring the team, the experience and the processes to make this a reality.
What we do

Our superpowers

❀️ Human centred design
Great solutions work for people first and foremost, and everything we build is founded in understanding the needs of the person on the other side of the screen / speaker / controller / metaverse.
πŸ’» Engineering excellence
We love technology, and finding ways to use it to meet our human challenges. And while we can talk for hours about what the future might hold, we'll always use the tech stack that is right for your challenge, not just the latest fad.
πŸ“ˆ Data whispering
Understanding and working with data is at the heart of the biggest opportunities and the biggest challenges we face. We bring soft skills and strong analytical capability to help clients access the data they need to make the decisions that matter.
πŸ€— Network of awesome
Our aim isn't to build a company of 1000+ employees. It is to build a network of the most talented, motivated people who we can bring on to the right project at the right time.
🚚 Next-day delivery
Say what? Like Amazon? Yes (almost). We're all about delivering tangible outputs early and often. Start working with us on Monday and you'll have something to show the boss on Friday. We deliver.

Let’s partner up and create something great.

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